Integrating Knitted Items into Your Wardrobe

It’s been a while since I last wrote.  Things here have been a little hectic, and when I haven’t been rushing off to jobs, I’ve been trying to keep up with the apartment and trying not let the anxiety and depression monsters dominate my existence.  When you’re little, monsters are actual creatures that hide under your bed or in your closet.  They are monsters that can be defeated with a flick of the light switch or kept at bay by your trusty pet.  As an adult, those monsters are more insidious, creeping into your line of sight in broad daylight, following in your shadow as you move about the city, or hovering on your shoulder whispering horrible lies into your ear until you believe that the things they say are the truth, and that they come naturally from your own thoughts.  However, a dear friend sent me a text message today which reminded me that not only have I not written in my blog for a while, but I’ve been in danger of retreating into the cocoon I have created to shield myself from the monsters’ influence rather than bursting forth with shield and sword in hand.  So in attempt to at least wound these monsters that haunt the darker corners of my mind, I am resolved to write this blog post.  En guard!


Months ago, this friend sent me a letter (a real handwritten letter on pretty paper in a real envelope with a stamp and everything), to which I have not yet responded.  I have no excuse for this neglect, and as such I dedicate this blog post to her and the question she posed in her letter:


How do you incorporate the things you knit to wear into your wardrobe without overwhelming the eye with color and pattern?

With all of the beautiful colors, and riotous colorways available to me as a knitter, it can sometimes be difficult to create a garment that will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe without drawing attention to the fact that it is handknit.  I don’t know about you, but as much as I love and respect Molly Weasley, her fashion choices in the first movies are not exactly ones I want to emulate:


Mrs. Weasley with ScabbersAlthough total props to her for being the bistitchual badass that she is.

If you are, as I am, drawn to the same colorways as the estimable Mrs. Weasley, yet seek a more sophisticated look, consider the following:

  • Make sure your multicolored yarn and your stitch pattern are not competing for attention.
  • Use a pattern that will enhance the color-runs.  Try searching for patterns designed specifically for multicolored yarns, such as Noro.
  • Try to pair patterned store-bought clothes with muted colorways or solid colors to reduce noise and vice versa.
  • Pair a multicolored handknit with a relatively simple outfit to allow the handknit to be the star of the show.
  • Pick a unifying color.  If you are wearing a shawl with several colors, pick a plain shirt in one of those colors to wear under it.
  • Use the handknit item as your wardrobe pallet.  Wearing a sweater with browns, greens, blues, and purples?  Try jeans with a brown belt and shoes, a shirt in purple, and green or blue jewelry.
  • Make sure your coordinating items echo not only the color in the handknit, but the hue as well.  If your handknit is in jewel tones, a pastel shirt may make the outfit look unbalanced.
  • When in doubt, pair your brightly colored handknits with neutrals like black, white, navy, or jeans.

Still want to use Mrs. Weasley for your handknit inspired wardrobe?  Walk like you live in a fashion week runway show.  High fashion is weird and out there, and doesn’t conform to style rules.  Just tone it down for the office if you have a dress code.


Mrs. Weasley stylish 2


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