Summer Sucks for Knitting

So, I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I really need to start forcing myself to do so.  I also haven’t been knitting for nearly the last two months.


The idea shocks me too.  Knitting has been such an integral part of my life for so long that I never thought there would come a time I just did not knit.  I remember meeting people who “knew how to knit but didn’t do it very much anymore”, and I would be astounded.  I mean, if you know how to do it, why wouldn’t you do it all the time?  Doesn’t it just blow your mind that you can create something with a few pointed sticks and a length of yarn?  It’s like magic!  And don’t we all want to feel like wizards??


I recently picked up my yellow socks again (I’m most of the way through the cuff of the second sock), when I realized why I haven’t been knitting much.  Some of it has been due to psychological states of mind, but a lot of it also has to do with the heat of summer, and the lack of ac in New York.  Almost my whole knitting life, I’ve lived in the South, where every building is has so much ac, you need a sweater just to be indoors, and shorts to survive outside.  The yarn has never gotten yucky while knitting, clinging to my fingers like I’ve sprouted Spiderman’s spider-grippies between my fingers.

Here in New York, just the thought of touching wool with the humidity, makes the in between places of my fingers feel itchy.  And of course, only small projects are feasible because the thought of a sweater lying in your lap is disgusting.


So, what I have I been doing instead?  Mending.


That’s right.  Mending.  Not exciting, not glamorous.  Mending holes in workshirts, stitching up rips in pants, and my favorite, taking the elastic out of the bottom of a top to turn it into a nice tunic rather than an awkward ballooned bottom affair.  It’s not finished.  The tunic is not finished.  The mending is not finished.  The mending is never finished.

I know truly and completely understand the proverb


A stitch in time saves nine


As a child, this proverb always bothered me.  “What does it mean??” I used to think.  I imagined some god stitching up time in the form of a blanket to force time to conform to their expectations, but that never seemed right.  Now, I get garments from my significant other that need repair, and I think “WHY??? Why couldn’t we have noticed this earlier??  Now this will take 30 minutes instead of 15.  Le sob.


However, it has also planted the seed in my mind that I should be altering clothes that I don’t like – that I don’t wear – to remake them.  My friends, I have been on Pinterest.


“The wheels in my head have been turning.”

Crochet edging tutorialPlus signPicking up stitchesPlus signPinterest Sweater into Cardigan

Equal Sign

Using the above techniques I can make my own fabric right onto the pullover I’m modifying.  Yes, even if it’s store bought and far too small a gauge to consider knitting.  I don’t have to buy lace or fabric or wait until I salvage it from some other garment I’m modifying.  Using the ability to graft patterns together, once I get the crochet edge set up and pick up stitches for knitting, I can use what I’ve discussed in To Frankenstein a Sweater to add whatever edging I want.


I’m going to mull over my options for awhile before starting this.  Color is a big factor.  I need to be able to do this with stash yarn.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

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